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True Story

Short story about how we were creating Evil Cogs and Wet Fish company

There are two people in our team. Ivan Murzak and Serhii Kirilenko. Together we have been prototyping, developing, changing and improving Evil Cogs for two years. It was a hard way. We made our choice and passed through a lot of difficulties such as: lack of experience and certain skills. As a result game have been recast and significantly changed three times. At the moment we have a finished product with audience and fans.

Game Description

This is an Action-Adventure game. This is a dark and mystical fairytale about the light beam. The gamer will have to fight with the Darkness in all its details. The world of the game will surprise a player many times.

Platforms: iOS (release 14 March 2018), Android (already available)

World Description

The Darkness captured almost the whole world. All magical creatures died and balance of power was broken. The remains of the Light created our character - the light beam to stop the spreading of the Darkness and restore the balance between good and evil. The Light - is the power of Good, so that the player can’t do harm to anybody. But he can dodge the danger. The player have to find the Heart of the Darkness to fix the situation in the world. Lots of adventures and exciting story await for you on your way to the Heart of the Darkness.


We are a small indie team. We put our souls in Evil Cogs, hope you enjoy playing the game!

Ivan Murzak

Ivan Murzak

Game Designer & Developer
Serhii Kyrylenko

Serhii Kyrylenko

Artist & Game Designer